Team - Sin

Name - Sin Hok Man

Aka - Sin, Kevin

Skateboarding since - 2012

Regular / Goofy - R

Favorite type of skateboarding -
Dancing/Freestyle, Freeride

Favorite brand - Loaded

Follow him in Instagram! - @k__sin
What does longboarding mean to you?

No rule, no comparison, freedom, to enjoy myself. I skate whenever and wherever I want.

Why do you like longboarding?

Just for fun. ;) 

What is your goal?

I hope longboarding will become a popular sport in Hong Kong. My short-term goal is to let more Hongkongers know who we are.

About longboarding, what makes you proud?

Have been skating for 7 years and I still love it. (which only gaming can compare to it. haha)

What is your personal feature?

I always care about my safety soooo much. My progress is slow but I never get hurt :p
非常注重安全,討厭受傷。所以我嘅進度相對地緩慢,但受傷亦較少及輕微 :p

How did longboarding change your life?
Longboarding has already become a big part of my life. It brings me so many kinds of friends throughout my life.

To you, what is SBDW?
SBDW is not a shop, it's a people ;)

Other Members

Haz LongBae Rob Steven Thom

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