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Just want to commend Thomas Ng and Kevin Sin of the SBDW Longboard Shop! They are just the most genuine pair of bros a shop could ever wish to have! Yes, they are a shop and they need money to make the business work but they care more about what you need more than what you think you need. They won't just force you to buy stuff or rush you in any way, they really listen to what you have to say and respond in a very helpful manner and I think shops like theirs are very rare! If you are thinking to buy stuff from them or just stop by the shop to chat about all things skateboarding, don't hesitate! They are so good and you will not regret any possible transaction and/or conversations you have with them! I rate them 12 out of 10 stars!

Mark Friday

Super friendly, helpful team. Able to easily resolve some complicated shipping problems and last minute changes of mind to get us rolling as soon as possible. I’ll definitely be back soon

Owen Crumpler

Bought this Trip today and set up by Thomas according to the type of ride I was looking for. My first longboard! Very attentive and professional service... highly recommended

Yum Wong

HK Longboard店,可以說不多,SBDW是一間真心想推廣Longboard運動嘅Workshop.

Gary Liu

我已經上左去好多次,雖然接觸longboard 時間仲係好短,但我覺得佢地真心對我地為朋友多於顧客關係!我覺得咁先係夠chill 夠好玩!

Oscar Yim


Samuel Fung

A Classic Sunday 🥰

Thomas Ng // 90+km/h Downhill Skateboarding in Hong Kong [Raw Run]

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