Team - Haz

Name - Harry Clarke 

Aka - Haz 

Skateboarding since - 2011

Regular / Goofy - Reg

Disciplines - Speedyboi

Favorite brands - Naysh, Get That Skate 

Current ranking: 2019 IDF world champion!!!🥇

Follow him in Instagram! - @hazzaclarke_hlss

What does SBDW mean to you? 


What do you see yourself doing at age 40?
Enjoying life and whipping in Masters(in IDF).

How did skateboarding change your life?
Opened doors I didn’t know where there. Taken me to some unique places and given me a family from all over the world.

What makes you feel most alive?
Kink slides.

Other Members

LongBae  Rob Steven Sin Thom