Team - Rob

Name - Robert Burns 

Aka - Rob, Tuna Rob

Skateboarding since - 2010

Regular / Goofy - Unknown

Disciplines -
I don’t like to limit myself to a specific way of skating, I just like to skate the way I feel at the moment.

Brands -
Pantheon Longboards for the most closely crafted boards in the game.

Follow him in Instagram! - @robertburns_hlss

How did skateboarding change your life?
Skating connected me with people I would have never connected to and therefor grew and learned in ways I never would being a normal person.

What makes you feel most alive?
The most alive you’ll ever feel is when you’re the closest to dying.

What does SBDW mean to you?
Sbdw for my roots, home, and family.  Otherwise I’m still exploring my options and other gear.

Other Members

Haz LongBae Steven Sin Thom