Thruster - Thruster System 3 Surf Adapter - Get $100 off for setting up a Surfskate complete!

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**$100 off for setting up a Surfskate complete!**

Deck, trucks, bearings, wheels and surf adapter are required to build a Surfskate complete and for applying the discount, hardware such as risers, bolts and nuts might also be needed. Ask us if you are unsure what to get!
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Discount code: ThrusterCompleteSetup

Weight: 450g
Includes: Thruster & Screws & Allen Key

Apparently customized boards better suits the rider's build also location and style of riding for better rider progression. The quality of a stock setup is uncomparable to the customized boards assembled with the parts available in SBDW, especially for the trucks, bearings and wheels. Even for small parts like wheels and bushings are carefully chosen, for better performance, durability, tunability, and way lower maintenance cost

Designed specifically for surfers in mind. Designed to fit directly onto the skateboards front trucks. Allows the front trucks to turn freely way beyond a normal front truck skateboard set up. This allows the board to become self propelling, no pushing is required. When fitted to your board, it becomes one of the best surf training tools available. Constructed of strong aluminium, steel springs washers and bearings.

The Thruster 3 is adjustable for extra control on slopes to loose feel for the flats.

Thruster 3 with a stiff spring. So it is good for high speed and it is the most stable in Thruster System.