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Pantheon - 149mm TKP (set of 2)



VENDOR: Pantheon


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Hanger width: 149mm
Height to Center of Axle: 55.75 mm
Bushing Height: 0.6 inches, 92a
Weight: 397g each


  • Plug Barrel board side bushing
  • Faced Hangers
  • Hollow Axles
  • Hollow Kingpin
  • Extremely Straight Axles
  • Full Size 0.6″ Longboard Bushings
  • Pressure Casting (very strong)
  • Medium-Low Ride Height
  • Light Weight

Pantheon's description:
The Pantheon 149mm Truck was designed from the ground up to be a longboard truck. It’s not a “street truck” adapted for longboards. It is a longboard truck made for carving excellence, control, grip, and precision. Sure, you can stick this on a street deck and even get away with grinding some coping. But if you’re going to grind on curbs, you’ll sadly be carving into your kingpins in no time. That is because we focused these trucks on designing a perfect fit and performance for our longboards, with no compromises made to this number one goal.

Pantheon Plug Bushings Define the Design
Our truck features a “plug bushing” in the roadside position. The only other TKP cast design we’ve ever seen do this are Tensor Trucks, although the concept is becoming more popular with RKP style designs for cast trucks of the modern era. Other products that have used similar concepts for improving precision in TKPs are like the inserts you could put in SurfRodz called “Surf Keys” or the spherical bearings added in the hanger of modified Bennett trucks. Simply put, we like a precise, lively turn, and we like the added benefits of increased grip provided by the improved precision of the plug bushing, so we decided to use this idea for our cast TKP truck. The world needed it.
Lastly about the bushings: They respond exceptionally to tightening them down with the kingpin. Think they’re riding too lively? Give them a half turn on the kingpin and see what happens. Getting wheelbite with your 102mm Hokus on the Pranayama? Tighten them down a touch. They will actually restrict the turn without killing the truck entirely. While our bushings are 92a, the lively geometry allows these trucks to be very active when they’re tightened down just enough to engage the bushings. My 10-year-old kid has tried them and finds that he can turn just fine. Tighten them down a little and you can take a bite out of the reactiveness. Swap out the bushings for a non-plug style and you’ll end up with a much less reactive truck more akin to other trucks you may have tried before.

Other Features
Other awesome features include faced hangers, so your bearings sit flush and true. A 55.75mm ride height is fairly low compared to any other TKP style truck that turns this well. These 397 gram trucks are quite light weight due to their design combined with hollow kingpins and axles.
And here’s the thing that I think we can be most proud of. These are probably the straightest axles you ever seen on a cast truck. What you get out of this is a more efficient roll, as your wheels will touch down evenly and as designed, and you get more grip!
There’s not much else to say. I look forward to you trying our trucks and (hopefully!) loving them. Please leave us a review after you’ve tested them out a bit, so that others can hear what you think! It’s not easy to bring a truck like this to market. It took us nearly 2 years to go from design to production trucks in hand. We are excited about these and hope you will be, too!


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Pantheon - 149mm TKP (set of 2)

Pantheon - 149mm TKP (set of 2)