Seismic - 55mm FOCUS 97a (Blue)

Seismic - 55mm FOCUS 97a (Blue)

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Height: 55mm
Durometers: 97a
Formula: Premium Pool/Park
Contact Patch: 26mm
Hub Setting: Offset
Edges: Round

Sold in sets of FOUR wheels.

The Focus is the most advanced wheel on the market for modern flatland freestyle skating. Ultra-high-grade urethane carefully formulated for an optimal balance of grip and slip, plus the perfect form factor to prevent nut bite during edge tricks. Awesome for all-purpose street skating, too!

Said Pro Freestyler Matt Gokey, “…100% true offset, so you won’t ever need washers. Couple this design with Seismic’s unparalleled urethane knowledge and you’ve got a seriously superior wheel. Trust me when I say this is exactly the revamp our traditional shape needed. I won’t be rolling on anything else for a long time.”