Waterborne - Rail adapter - Get $200 off for setting up a Surfskate complete!

Waterborne - Rail adapter - Get $200 off for setting up a Surfskate complete!

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**$200 off for setting up a Surfskate complete!**

Deck, trucks, bearings, wheels and adapter are required to build a Surfskate complete and for applying the discount, hardware such as risers, bolts and nuts might also be needed. Ask us if you are unsure what to get!
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Discount code: WaterborneCompleteSetup

  • Maximize performance of any skateboard, longboard, or drop-through board equipped with the Surf Adapter
  • Carve more fluidly with additional 30 degrees of deck lean
  • Pump faster with less effort
  • Carry more speed through hard carves
  • Easy installation - Installation Guide HERE


The Rail Adapter is a lightweight durable rear truck coupling that maximizes the performance of any skateboard with a Surf Adapter or other surf-style front truck already installed.

The Rail Adapter lets your skateboard, longboard, or drop-through board's rear truck lean as hard as the front truck can with the Surf Adapter. The combination of the two makes a buttery smooth ride that can outperform any other carving board or surf skate! Your deck will lean deeply, flowing seamlessly from rail to rail as you drive through smooth, creamy surf-style turns. The feeling of any surfskate with the Rail Adapter is a riding sensation that is even more true to real surfing.