Zenit - Stinger 31

Zenit - Stinger 31"

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Top Mount w/ Rocker

Length: 31" / 78.74 cm
Width: 8.6" / 21.84 cm
Wheelbase: 21.5" - 22.6" / 54.61 - 57.4 cm
Seven plies of Canadian Maple, Pre-tensioned triaxial fiberglass, Triaxial fiberglass, UD carbon fiber, Camo carbon fiber, "Zenply"
Cruising, Carving, Downhill, Freeride, Pumping


Downhill riders beware, this thing is sharp. At 8.6” at its widest point, the board’s width optimizes heelside turning stability and leverage while your toes stay right where they need to be. Combined with a footstop, the flare creates a pocket that ensures maximum confidence at hella high speeds. You can dial in the right pocket for your front foot in the front end’s multiple wheelbase options while not ever having to play around with your torque block because the back end of the board only has one.

The Stinger embodies today’s downhill preferences with its shorter length and narrower size, and perfectly accommodates for modern dh/slalom truck and wheel setups thanks to its deep wheel wells.

What's inside the board?

Seven plies of Hard Rock Canadian Maple are laminated by a bio sourced Greenpoxy resin between one sheet of ultra resistant Pre-Tensioned Triaxial Fibreglass and our signature Camo Carbon Fiber and Zenply. Further reinforced by Unidirectional Carbon Fiber cross, the Stinger doesn't torsion.

Agility, grace and speed

Made for small trucks, big wheels, aggressive slides, and precise hookups, every aspect of this board is designed for you to surpass your limits, from the stiff construction that won't fail you in any scenario, to the deeply tought concave placement.