Zenit - Morning Wood V4 34

Zenit - Morning Wood V4 34"(w/ Jessup griptape)

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Top Mount

Length: 34" / 86.36 cm
Width: 9" / 22.86 cm
Wheelbase: 16.25"-18.25" / 41.28 - 46.36 cm
Weight: ~3
Two plies of Hard Rock Canadian Maple, Light Poplar Veneer, Pre-tensioned triaxial fiberglass

Cruising/ Carving, Freestyle
, Freeride, Park/Pool, Surfskate, Tech sliding

Happiness at Your Feet

A board that can handle whatever your inspiration makes you want to ride. From the street to the park and from hills to quarterpipes, you'll be in full control.
Symmetrical with a radial concave, the untraditional four ply Canadian Maple core redefines pop and reactiveness. The lightweight, resistant construction means you'll be taking flight with your tricks, session after session after session.

What's in the board?

A bio sourced epoxy laminates four plies of Canadian Maple into a strong core that’s protected by a sheet of super resistant fibreglass on either side. Pop technology that rivals the best.

Street Surfing

A comfortable radial concave will keep your feet locked in for whatever surface you choose to surf: hills, banks, quarterpipes, sidewalks, brick, marble, you name it. You can even rely on the Morning Wood's directional kicktails to help you move the board up down and around any obsacle that gets in your concrete wave.