Zenit - Joe2.0 45

Zenit - Joe2.0 45"

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Top Mount w/ Micro Drop & Rocker

Length: 45" / 114.3 cm
Width: 9.75" / 24.77 cm
Wheelbase: 28.75"-29.75" / 73.03 - 75.57 cm
Weight: ~
5.6 lbs
Four plies of Hard Rock Canadian Maple, Light Poplar Veneer, Pre-tensioned triaxial fiberglass

Freestyle, Dancing

Comfort and ease!

The Joe is our widest dancing board. Its spacious platform is most suitable for those with well endowed feet, or simply those who prefer their board to be big and boaty. Smaller riders, fear not!
The Joe is designed to provide ample walking room, meaning this could also be a great dancing focused board to learn how to step one foot over the other! Steezy, baby!

What’s inside the board?

Bio sourced Greenpoxy laminates four plies of Hard Rock Canadian Maple around a central Poplar ply for reduced weight and increased pop. We sandwich the core between two sheets of pre-tensioned triaxial fibreglass which are embellished with the board’s alluring colours and animated graphic.

Pop + Control + Durability

The pre tensioned and pre-tesioned triaxial fibreglass supplies some playful flex patterns that keep the board consistent throughout. Gentle kicktails on all the 2021 dancers facilitate popping the board so you don't have to comply with gravity. Most importantly, the composite material keeps the board crisp, snappy, and durable, without sacrificing any of the wood’s natural flexibility.