Zenit - CatNip3.0 37

Zenit - CatNip3.0 37"(w/ Jessup griptape)

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Top Mount w/ Micro Drop & Rocker

Length: 37" / 93.98 cm
Width: 9" / 22.86 cm
Wheelbase: 20.75"-22.75" / 52.71 - 57.79 cm
Weight: 1.6kg

Five plies of Hard Rock Canadian Maple, Pre-tensioned triaxial fiberglass

Cruising, Carving,
 Dancing, Freeride, Freestyle

Nine Lives, No Limits

An agile, do-it-all board that’s ready to pounce. 

The Cat Nip is a poppy symmetrical top mount that moves how you want it to. It’s 37” length allows for technical freestyle tricks, and it's 9" platform gives you plenty of room to catch the board in the air or dance around with the wind in your hair.

What's in the board?

A bio sourced epoxy laminates five plies of Canadian Maple into a rigid core that’s protected by a sheet of super resistant fibreglass on either side.

Snap and Pop

What is pre-tensioned fibreglass? It’s a much stronger composite than our previous triaxial fibreglass that doesn’t splinter or warp, and that protects the board’s graphic and colour from use. The raw material is held taut and cured in epoxy, which creates a robust ply designed to withstand any kind of riding, from beginner to expert.