Waterborne - Pisces 31

Waterborne - Pisces 31" (Deck only)

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Length: 31" / 78.74cm
Width: 9.5" / 24.13cm
Wheelbase: 20" / 50.8cm

Disciplines: Surfskate

Waterborne's description:
If Neil Armstrong and John Legend had a baby, the result would be The Pisces — the intergalactic sweetheart of the Waterborne fleet.
An angel gets its wings every time The Pisces rips a carve in your neighbor’s driveway.
This board harbors a universe of emotion and creativity, soothing its broken heart with symphonies of pumps and carves.
Piano ballads echo in the streets as The Pisces glides through falling rose petals and honeysuckles.
Pisces is meant for cruising with a strong emphasis on high flying surf style fun. The Pisces encourages effortless flow and grace to the tune of speed. Waterborne’s signature black bamboo deck looks as incredible as they feel under your feet. A mild flex gives you haptic feedback as you ride.