Waterborne - Leo 32.5

Waterborne - Leo 32.5" (Deck only) - Get 40%!! off for setting up a complete!

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**40% off for setting up a complete!**

Deck, trucks, bearings, wheels and hardware(bolts and nuts) are required to build a complete and for applying the discount. Ask us if you are unsure what to get!
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- Discount code: LeoCompleteSetup

Length: 32.5" / 82.55cm
Width: 8.75" / 22.23cm
Wheelbase: 17.5" / 44.45cm

Disciplines: Freestyle, Park/pool, Surfskate

Waterborne's description:
They act as if being the best is a bad thing.
As if The Leo should step down from being the center of attention, so someone more humble can take its place.
A lion that strolls the prairie is bound to scare the other animals. Should we blame the lion?
When the sun rises, the rest of the solar system disappears. Should the sun stop shining?
Absolutely not.
The Leo demands attention because it deserves attention.
Leo is a versatile surfskate that has a deck shape familiar to a street deck, encouraging a wide variety of tricks and riding styles. Waterborne’s signature black bamboo deck looks as incredible as they feel under your feet. A mild flex gives you haptic feedback as you ride.