Venom - SHR Bushings Barrel (set of 2)

Venom - SHR Bushings Barrel (set of 2)

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Far and away the most popular racing bushings in the world, Venom's High Performance Formula balances rebound and dampening for the ideal combination of turn-ability and stability at speed. From flatground to downhill racing, the High Performance Formula works well for every longboard discipline.

Downhill: The Downhill pack is built for speed. Two barrel bushings provide a more stable center-point for stability at high velocity without compromising your ability to turn.

Plain and simple, the Downhill Double-Barrel Pack is built for speed. Double barrels, teamed with cup washers can give your setup that fully locked in feel that gives you the confidence you need to grab some serious velocity. Barrels: .6″ tall x .97″ wide


SHR Formula:
80a – Olive Green
83a – Pastel Yellow
86a – Pastel Blue
88a – Seafoam Green
91a – Blood Red
94a – White
98a – Grey