TSG - Crash Pant A

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We advise you to try on the gear in our workshop for the best fit.

我地建議你黎我地工作室試下先,試啱碼先買。  ;)

Highest protection in the lowest-profile short possible. The Crash Pant A uses a smart ACF impact foam, which absorbs and then dissipates impact energy effectively whilst being softer and more comfortable than standard foam. All thigh, hip and tailbone pads can be removed easily at wash time. Ventilated to keep you cool downstairs.

Material: 55% ACF PU Foam, 37% Polyester, 5% Spandex, 3% Rubber
Safety Standard: Sport protective clothes protocol ppets0013 based on EN 13688:2013
- 330g (S)
- 370g (M)
- 410g (L)

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