Seismic - 54mm/57mm Oscar 81a/83a (Defcon)

Seismic - 54mm/57mm Oscar 81a/83a (Defcon)

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Height: 54mm / 57mm
Durometers: 83a (54mm) / 81a (57mm)
Formula: Defcon
Contact Patch: 33mm (54mm) / 38mm (57mm)
Hub Setting: Centerset
Edges: Round

Sold in sets of FOUR wheels.

Seismic’s new All-Terrain street wheel, in the world’s fastest ’thane.  Roll faster, smoother, and more comfortably over inconsistent or rough pavement.  A breakthrough Filmer wheel, too: Roll further with each push, making shots smooth as silk!

Poured in Seismic’s proprietary DEFCON – the urethane behind the World Speed Records for both Skateboard (91MPH) and Street Luge (101MPH). Get ready for a whole new realm of FAST!