Riptide - APS StreetCone Bushings (set of 2)

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APS™ Formula:  Animated Polymer System

As the name implies, this compound is very lively and offers high rebound with lots of control and lean.  For the same durometer, the APS will turn 10% to 15% more than the same durometer of other brands.  In addition, the APS does not change much when you tighten the kingpin nut past snug.  We recommend tightening to the point where it is difficult to turn the bushing in the bushing seat by hand.  Use a flat washer for lower resistance and a cupped washer for higher resistance.

  • Sized to fit properly in conventional "Indy style" trucks
  • Custom APS Urethane Formula for ultra-performance and sweet rebound.
  • Hard durometer bushings (97.5a) for heavier weight riders & are designed for those looking for a very stable setup in the BoardSide position.
  • Mix duro's &/or shapes to custom-fit your style.  Check out our Info Guides for help.

StreetCones:  Offer the lowest resistance and stability of the shapes addressed here and can allow your trucks to easily achieve their full lean and turn. 

    Mix duro's &/or shapes to custom-fit your style:

    The ShortStreetCone / StreetCone setup is for those looking for a very carvy or surfy feel.