Powell Peralta - Byron Essert Pro Mini Frog

Powell Peralta - Byron Essert Pro Mini Frog

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Top mount & Micro drop

Length: 37" / 93.98 cm
Width: 9" / 22.86 cm
Wheelbase: 25"-26.2" / 63.5 - 66.55 cm
Construction: Bamboo, Maple


  • Lightweight Bamboo and Maple construction.
  • Mellow Flex in all directions.
  • Sharp concave edge for maximum foot traction.
  • Anatomically designed concave for full foot contact.
  • Narrower width for smaller riders.
  • Front and rear wheel wells for greater wheel clearance.
  • Single kicktail.
  • Freeride and all-around shape for ollies, city cruising, slides or downhill.

Freeride, Downhill, Freestyle