Pantheon - Pranayama 31" - Get $80 off for setting up a Push complete!

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Drop-thru w/ 1.3" crescent drop

Slight Mustache Camber/Rocker

Length: 31.375" / 79.69 cm
Width: 9.25" / 23.5 cm
Wheelbase: 26" / 66.04 cm

9-Ply Maple

Long Distance Pushing


The Pranayama is built off of our Trip Double Drop Longboard platform. This is tried and true. And hey, check the reviews! People love it, and for good reason. It is low, agile, and just a ton of fun. In fact, you may have a Trip already! And if you do, it’s probably the most ridden board you own. So all this talk about the Trip, and you say, well what the heck is a Pranayama for then? And that’s actually an easy question for us to answer.

Despite being as clear as humanly possible that we felt the Trip would and should be optimized with RKP trucks, people were putting TKP trucks on it! Shops were doing it, too. And look, I get it. It’s bite free, hassle free setup that you can put a wider range of wheels on. But it’s not optimized–certainly not up to our standard–and some of the customer feedback we have received with that specific setup corroborated our feelings on it. It had less control than we were used to with the RKP trucks, too much flex, and it bottomed out easily, and it was especially unstable at speed, even while the Ember deck, which also sports TKPs, felt fine at fairly high speeds for us. But one thing really stuck with us with that setup. It was SO LOW and SMOOTH. Like it really made pushing feel effortless. I could stand on that board, one foot on the ground and the other on the board, both knees locked with just my hips a little offset. The setup really inspired, and even though it wasn’t what we felt it should be, it got us thinking about what it COULD BE.

In the end, we took everything we learned from our other double drop built for TKP trucks, the Ember Mini Commuter Longboard, and we optimized our Trip platform for an even tighter fit than the Ember to really bring the Pranayama to life with maximized control on the lowest available platform. The tighter wheelbase and shorter neck reduce the flex to enhance control and reduce the flex in the neck that causes bottoming out on such a low platform. What we get is an incredibly tight racecar of a deck, truly built around and optimized for TKP trucks with 85mm wheels. We don’t recommend anything else on it. Anything smaller would be a waste of such closely optimized wheel cutouts and potentially too low, and anything larger will bite. But you put it together like this and you have a ride that is going to be hard to get off of. And that’s the whole point. The Pranayama is really centered around pure ease of push. We expect it to be popular for ultra long distances, beginner skateboarders, and people looking to use a skateboard for exercise.