New Olders - Aeroslicer V3 (Full Customization Available)

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Please customize your helmet in the above link and let us know about your order. Feel Free to contact us if you have any question ;)
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Designed in partnership with the bi world champion Douglas Dalua, the AeroSlicer V3 was created to literally slice the wind causing minimum drag, eliminating the vacuum and also the chances of the rider behind. With the 1st version of this helmet that Carlos Augusto Correia Paixão broke Teutonia's speed record reaching incredible 119 kmph on a skateboard.


  • Front Keel to cut the wind. 
  • Articulable visor.
  • Respirators to the athlete's mouth.
  • Wide field of view with full lateral visibility and when in tuck position.
  • Quick micrometer padded hitch with emergency release.
  • EPS lining + removable side pads XS / S / M / L.
  • Weight: 1050 ± 50g.