Loaded - Ballona(Moby) 27.75

Loaded - Ballona(Moby) 27.75"

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Top mount

Wheel flares, Rocker

Length: 27.75” / 70.5 cm
Width: 9” / 22.9 cm
Wheel Base: 14.75"- 16" / 37.5 - 40.6 cm
Weight (deck only): 2.6 lbs / 1.2 kg


Cruising/Carving, Freestyle, Tech slide, Park/Pool, Slalom, Surfskate

Agile, compact, and light, the Loaded Ballona elevates the mini cruiser experience. Meticulously sculpted curvatures result in a unique mini “longboard” with tuned steering and responsive handling. Perfect for urban commuting, people slalom, driveway slashing, pump tracks, and skatepark flow. Small in stature, colossal in character.

CURVACEOUS CONFIDENCE – Subtle rocker in the standing platform transitions into the unique “Whale Belly” spoon concave in the nose, which locks in the front foot and allows for a secure stance behind or on top of the truck. This also wedges the front truck for dramatically enhanced agility, resulting in a slalom-style steering bias that allows the more stable rear end to track the more nimble front end. The Ballona’s mild concave and generous width ensure a comfortable stance and plenty of leverage and control. A short, wide tail and minimal nose provide optimal maneuverability and leverage for slides and tricks in a compact package.

VERSATILE VARIATIONS – The Ballona includes two wheelbase options for a range of performance characteristics. The outer (16”) wheelbase is designed for reverse-kingpin trucks and/or more stability, while the inner (14.75”) wheelbase is intended for traditional-kingpin (street) trucks and/or more maneuverability. The two deck graphics are offered in uniquely curated complete setups; choose Moby to slash every driveway in sight or Willy for a premium carving and pumping machine.

CLASSIC LAYUP WITH A TWIST – Custom 7-ply maple construction with thicker cross veneers for optimal stiffness, crisp pop, and a smooth ride.

GRAPHICS  Tomás Güereña (a.k.a. “screw”) is influenced by Robert Delaunay, cosmological geometry, Native American art, contemporary urban art, and the marine environment. He created the Willy and Moby Ballona graphics, respectively, through abstract and figurative approaches.