Landyachtz - ATV Slim Jim Spectrum 31

Landyachtz - ATV Slim Jim Spectrum 31"

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**The wheel color on this complete may vary**

Length: 31"
Width: 8.43"
Wheelbase: 14.375"

100% Canadian Maple
Medium Concave
Sanded Wheel Wells

Polar Bear 130mm trucks
Chubby Hawgs 60mm 78a wheels

Landyachtz's description:
If you are a fan of the Spectrum graphics, then you are in for a treat with this amazing new piece from Portland based artist, Turnco. This board is perfect for those of you who want the feeling of a cruiser board but with a slightly larger platform and a more effective nose. On this board you will be choosing between ollie or nollie, manual or nose manual, switch or fakie all the while cruising with maximum style. The Slim Jim truly trickable cruiser board.