Cadillac - 57mm Clout Cruisers 80a

Cadillac - 57mm Clout Cruisers 80a

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Diameter: 57mm
Duro: 80a
Contact: 30mm
Lip: Round
Surface: Stone Ground
Bearing Core: Offset


Since then they have branched out making some modern wheels for longboarding and cruising. The latest release are the 57mm Cadillac Clout Cruisers. These wheels are shaped like a modern street wheel with a slightly offset bearing to allow you to adjust the track.

The soft tyre is a made with transparent 80a urethane with a precision stone-ground surface. They have checker-printed hub so the graphics are protected and permanent. 57mm is the perfect size for a rough terrain street wheel.

Clout Cruisers are great for cruiser setups and filmer boards. The 80A urethane is super fast and smooth, grippy on old aggregate exposed concrete and pavers, get your Clout on!