Bambam - Classic Leather Gloves (Black/Red)

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  • Spicy Bam Bam Design
  • Durable cow leather
  • Perforation for fresh air
  • Knuckle protectors
  • Extra strengthening
  • Soft pads for more comfort
  • Double seam

Bambam's description:
Our leather slide gloves are made for racing, hard and fast shredding, where your hand must be extra safe. They impress with high stability and durability. After years of downhill skateboarding we know, where the sensitive points of gloves are. We gave them extra protection with additional leather pieces. With our gloves, your fingertips, side of palm and thumb are safe for a longer time. Additional soft pads make them extra comfortable. Perforation for fresh air supply is just one more feature. Some of the best downhill racers in the world give them full confidence. They know why.