Cuei - 74mm Killers Power Thane 75a

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The Cuei Killers is your wheel choice for blasting down big mountain roads and hitting your favorite race circuits.
It comes in a 74mm tall by 65.5 contact patch with an slightly offset core profile and a smooth surface finish.
Its lips have the perfect amount of support to provide super predictable drifts, amazing grip through turns and incredible exit speed out of them.
Available in three different urethanes, 77a and 80a on the Power Thane Formula (green and yellow) which have superior roll speed, unparalleled grip and are incredibly long lasting. And in the 80a Flow Thane Formula (red) you get an incredibly smooth release and hookup, with nice thick thane lines.
They have been tested and proved to be the best wheels in the market after dominating the 2017 IDF Tour with team riders Pepe Laporte being crowned the South American Champion and Thiago Gomes Lessa World Champion.