New Olders - Blackbird V2 (Full Customization Available)

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Please customize your helmet in the above link and let us know about your order. Feel Free to contact us if you have any question ;)
請先於以上鏈結定制您的頭盔然後聯絡我們進行預訂。如有疑問歡迎直接聯絡我們 ;)

He is back! Now much more updated. Extremely aggressive and functional, this monster ensures extra performance without compromising mobility. Ideal for competitions, where every little detail can make all the difference.


  • Front Keel + Aero fairings shoulders.
  • Articulable visor.
  • Respirator to the athlete's mouth.
  • Wide field of view with full lateral visibility and when in tuck position.
  • Quick micrometer padded hitch with emergency release.
  • EPS lining with removable side pads XS / S / M.
  • Weight: 1300 ± 50g.