Rojas - Bearings

Rojas - Bearings

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Pack of FOUR. Everything you need to make your Rojas precision trucks even better...

The new ROJAS bearings are made from high quality steel and held to tighter tolerances when being machined. More precise bearings means more precision in your trucks...

There are three pieces to every bearing: balls/retainer and two races. The I.D. (inner diameter) of the two races is different in size to ensure a precise fit where necessary and zero friction in unwanted areas. When replacing your bearings you will only use the new balls/retainer and the race that is marked “ROJAS” three times. The existing race that is stuck inside your hanger will remain –just clean that dude with a Q-Tip and you’re good to go!

*Just like the bearings in your wheels... Proper maintenance and lubrication will extend the life*

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