Rayne - Savage 37

Rayne - Savage 37"

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Top Mount

Leverage concave w/ Pleasure Dome Arch Support &3D Wheel wells

Length: 37"
Width: 10"
Wheelbase: 26.25″ / 27.5″ / 27.75″ / 28.5″

FatBottom Construction - Vert-Lam Bamboo Core + Pre-tensioned Triax fibreglass

Freeride, Downhill

The Savage is a high-speed road killer designed for racing and freeriding.

This deck has remained a staple of our lineup for many years, evolving from the Avenger (directional topmount) and now we have updating the board with additional inner wheelbase options.

This longboard deck has a symmetric shape for freeriding and for racing it has an added pleasure dome concave for the rear foot that provides power and grip in racing situations when precision is needed without leaving your tuck.

All other features of the board have been crafted to deliver a top-performing downhill board. Triaxial fiberglass keeps this board extremely stiff underfoot. Fatbottom construction decreases overall weight and increases wheel clearance. Combined with pressed in 3D wheel-wells and the cutaway shape of the Savage you’ll find that this board has the most wheel clearance on the market, it can easily fit 75mm+ wheels without risers!

1: Fat Bottom Core: Thicker in the middle, the core now thins out to the edges creating an incredibly light, stiff, durable and responsive construction.
2: Integrated Wheel-wells: Subtle, pressed in curves in the front and rear meld with the Fat Bottom Core to open up the concave beyond our ability to simply mill wheel-wells in the wood. This naturally allows for a more durable construction and more diverse wheel options, while providing an incredibly ergonomic foot platform.