Pantheon - Trip 32.3 7-ply(Purple)

Pantheon - Trip 32.3 7-ply(Purple)

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Drop-thru w/ 1" crescent drop

U concave

Length: 32.3"
Width: 9"
Wheelbase: 26.5" - 27.3"

7-Ply Canadian Rock Maple

Long Distance Pushing

Two more things about setting up the board:
-The standard board is 7 ply maple. I'm 170 pounds and my primary testing ground for this board was the Miami Ultraskate, where I skated this board the majority of a 230-ish mile trek over 24 hours. The remaining testing ground was our local park paths. Over that period of time, I bottom the deck out about twice while pumping in the middle of the board. There is no significant flex when placing the feet at the drops, but you can get a nice comfy flex out of the middle if you're looking for it. If you're a heavy guy or you want a little extra stiffness because you'll be taking your Trip down hills on occasion, we are offering a limited run of 8-ply Trips. I'd say the 7-ply board is good up to about 180 pounds to be ridden hard as a commuter. If you're just gentle cruising and carving, it can take a little more. I pump a lot, so I'm putting more stress on this board than your average rider, but I choose the 7-ply for its comfortable flex and light weight. We are going to test the 8-ply with this limited quantity, and if enough people are wanting it, we'll continue to make them.
-There are two wheelbase options on this board. The inner wheelbase will fit most setups, but if you're going to run a monster wheel, use the outer wheelbase with new school mounting on your trucks. The trucks will stick out a little bit from the fork. Don't sweat it. One truck of note that the Trip will not fit is cast Ronins. Sorry, but if we made that work, well, honestly it would've taken away from either the integrity/strength of the board or it would've made the board longer than it needed to be. Calibers, Paris, and even TKPs will work well.