Pantheon - Trip 32.3

Pantheon - Trip 32.3" 7-ply (Blank Unlacquered for Custom Graphics)

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Drop-thru w/ 1" crescent drop

U concave

Length: 32.3" / 82.04 cm
Width: 9" / 22.86 cm
Wheelbase: 26.5" - 27.3" / 67.31 - 69.34 cm

7-Ply Canadian Rock Maple

Long Distance Pushing

-There are two wheelbase options on this board. The inner wheelbase will fit most setups, but if you're going to run a monster wheel, use the outer wheelbase with new school mounting on your trucks. The trucks will stick out a little bit from the fork. Don't sweat it. One truck of note that the Trip will not fit is cast Ronins. Sorry, but if we made that work, well, honestly it would've taken away from either the integrity/strength of the board or it would've made the board longer than it needed to be. Calibers, Paris, and even TKPs will work well.