Pantheon - Scoot 36.25

Pantheon - Scoot 36.25"

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Top Mount w/ 0.375" Crescent Drop

U front W rear w/ Rocker & Flares

Length: 36.25"
Width: 9.87" front, 9.38" back
Wheelbase: 25.28" - 28.28"
Rocker: 0.25" forward loaded
Taper: 0.49"
Standing Platform: 22" center drop to drop, 24.61 shoulder to shoulder

9-Ply Canadian Rock Maple

Freeride, Downhill

The Scoot is our first pro model board. Scott Hurdleston is a close friend and local hero, scene stoker, snake charmer, distance skater, tree climber, woodsman, fisherman, skate van driver, and one of the fastest guys we know in the downhill scene. And it only made sense to dedicate our first pro model deck to one of the guys who belongs on our Zombie Apocalypse team, regardless of how many races he's won. But remember that time he beat James Kelly head to head down Burke Mountain? Yea, we haven't forgotten either.

We're stoked as hell to finally bring this board to light after close to a year of prototyping and testing. We upped the price just a touch to make a little extra room for Scott and company to do some fun stuff with a little extra cash, so your dough is going to a good place! Enjoy!

Art - Perry Ellis
Rider - Scott Hurdleston