Pantheon - NexusTM 38

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Top Mount w/ 1" crescent drop

U concave

Length: 39"
Width: 9.8"
Wheelbase: 29" - 30"

9-Ply Canadian Rock Maple

Freeride, Downhill, Long Distance Pushing

Of the same mold as the original dropthrough Nexus but in a more race/downhill friendly form, the NexusTM is ready to take on the biggest, steepest hills and will inspire confidence in all sorts of treacherous riding conditions. The one-inch dropped platform increases stability, and the extreme stiffness provides confidence at speed, control in sliding, and still, the ability to grip a tight corner. The smaller 29" wheelbase, when compared to the original Nexus, will help provide a little more control and responsive turning and control during sliding by getting the feet a little closer to the trucks. The deck is 38 inches long and 9.8 inches wide at the widest (right about where your heel hits on your front foot when tucking) with 9-ply Canadian Maple construction and is completely symmetrical. The mold provides concave through the length of the deck. There are no flatspots anywhere, and because of this, you'll notice the deck has significantly more stiffness than most other drop decks. The concave and drops combine to lock in your feet like nothing you've ever stood on. It has been the race deck of choice for most of our crew, with the philosophy that no matter what, the fastest way down a hill will always include staying on your board. The NexusTM helps you do that.

The graphic is yet another collaboration with Eddie Kihm, displaying a couple yin-yang style dragons encircling the most powerful city in the world (New York, USA) with a future depiction of what will likely be the next big superpower city (Wuhan, China). Bing bang boom; Yin Yang Yoom.