Pantheon - Harbinger V2 36.25

Pantheon - Harbinger V2 36.25"

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Top Mount w/ 0.125" Crescent Drop

U concave w/ Rocker & Flares

Length: 36.25"
Width: 9.92"
Wheelbase: 25" - 28"
Rocker: 0.25"
Taper: 0.3"

9-Ply Canadian Rock Maple

Freeride, Downhill

The new Harb has several changes from last year’s model that go beyond pure aesthetics. First, it changed the drop. The new drop is still crescent shaped in the middle, providing perfect angled front foot positioning with support on 3 sides of the foot. This board has only 1/8 inch of drop, so it feels like you’re riding a full topmount, but the shape gives a subtle cup around the front foot so you can ride with the freedom of no footstop (if you want) but with just a touch of extra shape to help hold that front foot in place. More than anything, this is just enhanced board feels.