Pantheon - Asura 35.7

Pantheon - Asura 35.7

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Top Mount w/ 1" crescent drop

U concave

Length: 35.3"
Width: 9.8"
Wheelbase: 26" - 28"

9-Ply Canadian Rock Maple

Freeride, Downhill, Long Distance Pushing


Words by Jeff the owner of Pantheon Longboards:

The Asura is a small, lightweight drop board for racing and nimble freeride. For 2016, we kept the mold and trimmed the fat. There is no extra space on this thing. Just a foot platform and a place to put your trucks, and we even added some tiny wheel wells to help reduce bite on the inner wheelbase option. We also bumped the deck construction up to 9 ply to reduce every bit of flex and add torsional rigidity to the already rigid curves built into the mold. The tight drop deck is catching a bit of steam. Other companies are making offerings now, but nobody has been able to recreate the 1-inch crescent drop, and thus, nothing else out there feels like the Asura. You will appreciate the concave at the shoulder of the drop when you're looking for a little more toeside leverage when gripping turns, or rolling through the chunder on a heelside slide and your foot doesn't try to slip off the board.

Our crescent drop is the jam. It bends wood in the strongest and most ergonomic way possible. If you don't already know, well, you need to figure it out and step on one of these puppies.