Pantheon - Trip 33" 8-Ply Brown - The Best Everyday Board Ever 代步、初學首選 !!

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Drop-thru w/ 1.3" crescent drop

Radial, Mild

Length: 33" / 83.82 cm
Width: 9.25" / 23.5 cm
Wheelbase: 26.5" - 27.3" / 69.22 cm

8-Ply Maple, epoxy

Long Distance Pushing

連全進口品牌配件,砌完全塊 $1880 起咋!

全世界最輕便及最容易上手嘅 Longboard 之一,
全因獨有的革命性結構 1.3" Crescent Drop
令 Trip 成為多位24小時耐力賽冠軍之選🥇🏆,亦係 SBDW目前為止最暢銷嘅代步板面 💯


呢款設計比 Commuting / Long Distance Pushing (LDP),只有滑板咁長,但極穩定嘅 Trip

What has changed:
1. Deeper Drop!
2. Better Lamination
3. Ergonomic Improvements
更好的模具,意味著板身的弧度 (Concave) 更舒服和人體工學化
4. Aesthetic Improvements!
新增Laser cut 砂紙!

今次優惠適用於8層版本,180磅或以下嘅riders 都用得嫁!



Description by Pantheon:

The Trip is back! Our most popular commuter / long distance skateboard to date took a one-year soul searching sabbatical in 2017. It comes back stronger and more refined than ever. We have been testing this board for almost a full year in various forms, attempting to make the board here in Denver ourselves but could not manage the radical curves without cracking the wood. Was it dry Denver or something else? Nevertheless, we rode our cracked prototypes through the sunset and into the dark of night, searching for a way to make this feeling something that everyone could enjoy. Well, we finally found a way to make it happen, and we’re pleased to present this beautiful skateboard in all its glory, molded to perfection.

What has changed:
· Deeper Drop! – We increased the drop to a full 1.3 inches. This gets you lower than ever for easier pushing and commuting
· Better Lamination! – Mold improvements and epoxy lamination make this deck more durable than ever.
· Ergonomic Improvements! – A dedicated mold for this board meant we designed the curves specifically for this shape and your feet.
· Aesthetic Improvements! – Stained wood veneer and laser cut griptape really make the Trip pop on the street.
· 8-ply Standard! – Reduced concave makes the Trip a perfect do-it-all with 8 plys of Canadian maple!

The 2018 Trip is functionally very similar to its original design with improvements in every way possible. We pressed the decks with epoxy to further preserve the wood and increase its life. We skated a hand-cut model with no clear coat to see if we could make it warp or deteriorate in the weather. It’s still straight and looks like crud, if anyone wants it! The glue lines are tighter than ever, showing significant improvements that have been made to the mold, which add to its strength and resilience. We reduced the concave in the body of the board and gave the platform the tiniest bit of camber to “load” the wood, making it feel more lively and energetic commute. We increased the width by 1/4″ to 9.25″ at the widest to really perfect the setups we are recommending for the deck. The wider width and increased prominence of the drop platform really makes this deck perform when riding slideways down hills and around corners. More width means more leverage, and since the wheels were sticking out that far anyway, it was the move!

We are riding and selling this board with Paris 150mm trucks. We keep the setup thin so you can push more ergonomically, keeping the feet and hips aligned under the body when pushing, so you can spend more of your energy being centered and focusing on power and control. The less energy you’re spending on your balance, the more energy you have to travel over further distances. More distance and commuting efficiency makes for more fun, and that’s the whole point of this deck. We want you to feel empowered to get places on your skateboard. You will ride more often when you choose a Pantheon commuter.