Moonshine - Sidekick 35

Moonshine - Sidekick 35"

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Flush Mount

Medium radial concave + Medium rocker

Length: 35" / 88.9 cm
Width: 9.3" / 23.6 cm
Wheelbase: 20.5" - 22.75" / 52.07 - 57.785 cm

Paulownia wood core | Fiberglass | Urethane rails

Disciplines: Freestyle, Freeride, Downhill

The Sidekick is the compact little brother to the Outlaw. For riders that prefer a smaller platform, the Sidekick is an all-around freeride deck perfect for slides, downhill and fast freeriding in any condition. The Sidekick has the same aggressive directional outline, single kick tail and radial concave as the Outlaw.

It looks like you need someone to help you out execute those sick slides and give you control when you are bombing. The Sidekick is the perfect match for you!

It is an all around great board. It has micro drop to help lock in your feet for sliding and going fast along with flush mounting so that the board sits lower to the ground; making it easier to push. It also has the same radial concave as the Outlaw with a single kick tail for popping ollies and maneuverability.

With features like micro drops, paulownia wood, fiberglass, urethane rails and flush mounts for your trucks, you can bet that it's stiff and stable enough to prevent speed wobbles. Looks like you're not getting busted by the sheriff today.

For your comfort, Features precision machined truck mounts and urethane rails along the whole board. It is also easy to push on because it sits lower to the ground thanks to flush mounting