Moonshine - Elixir 40.5

Moonshine - Elixir 40.5"

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Flush Mount

Radial, Wheel Flares, Rocker

Length: 41" / 104 cm
Width: 9.6” / 24.5 cm
Wheelbase: 23.5” - 25.75" / 59.75 - 65.5 cm

Vert-Lam wood core, Urethane rails, Fiberglass

Disciplines: Freestyle, Freeride


Our most function double-kick ever just got better! The Elixir is the ultimate quiver killer. Cures boredom, lack of sleep, lack of excitement and it has been known to improve your love life. Freestyle, dance, freeride and slide with comfort and control.

For 2019 we slimmed down and refined the shape for increased durability and freestyle performance. The Elixir features heavy duty wheel flares, a symmetrical shape, with double-kick and rockered radial concave.