Madrid - DEVIANT Formica 38.375"

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2016 Version

Drop Platform

W concave

Length: 38.375"
Width: 9.75"
Wheelbase: 28.25", 29", 29.75", 30.5" 31.25"

8 ply maple & formica

Disciplines: Freeride, Downhill

The 2015 Deviant incorporates a bunch of great new features while retaining the same overall feel and dimensions as the older Dubler models. Your front and back foot do different things when you’re skating, so the 1/2” drop has a new directional design with a bowled-in front end for turning leverage and a radial back for control while sliding. The concave now runs all the way through to the drops, with a W that fades out toward the front for more comfortable riding on rough pavement. The 25.5” standing platform is updated with 1/4” of rocker, which makes it easier to tuck and helps keep your feet planted on the board when sliding. We also added CNC wheel wells and some new wheelbases, including a 28.25” option to save people the trouble of redrilling the deck for the smallest possible wheelbase. Finally, and most importantly, the matte black Formica looks tough and the refreshed CNC graphic gives you a lot more room for cool stickers. - Max Dubler