Comet - TMKF 38

Comet - TMKF 38"

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Top Mount

U concave w/ Rocker

Length: 38"
Width: 9.5"
Wheelbase: 21"
Concave: 0.675"
Rocker: 0.375"
Tail: 6.675"
Nose: 6.25"

7-Ply Sustainable Maple

Park/ Pool, Cruise, Tech Slide, Freestyle, Freeride

The TMKF is very similar to the Metric Bomb except it has a different, more directional shape and a one inch bigger wheelbase. Since the wheelbase is pushed out to the tails more it is a little harder to skate street and parks on but still very doable. The shift in wheelbase also puts the back truck right in the pocket where the concave and rocker go to flat before the tail goes up giving you excellent control on slides. If you want to go a little faster with less sketch than the Shred 38 and Metric Bomb but still like full size kick tails and don't need a perfectly symmetrical deck this is your choice.

Inspired by Woody Gutherie's guitar, the TMKF is the third and final board in the Crime Unit series. It has a downhill inspired rocker and concave with a classic square tail and nose shape. This board was made to skate as fast as you want to go before switching to a pure downhill board while still skating the streets and parks. If you're looking for a board you can freeride, slash driveways and hit whatever obstacles come up this is the board for you.