Comet - SHRED NK34

Comet - SHRED NK34

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Top Mount

U concave

Length: 33.75"
Width: 9.2"
Wheelbase: 16"
Concave: 0.5"
Nose: 6.8"
Tail: 6.8"

7-Ply Maple

Park/ Pool, Cruise, Freestyle, Tech Slide, Freeride

Words from Comet:
Nick Ketner is a big board, janky transition, Colorado skatepark master and has definitely earned a board for himself this year. Nick wanted something just under the 35" size to suit his big board in the park style. He created this double shovel nose and tail deck out of that need. He went back and forth for hours and hours, until hours added up to days and days, with Jason on the shape via text message like a post modern surfer to surfboard shaper. There was a lot of fun had in shaping this board .. but not as much fun as ripping up your favorite park on the NK34!