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Top mount

U concave w/ Rocker

Length: 38"
Width: 9.25"
Wheelbase: 20"
Rocker: 0.4"
Concave: 0.4"

Air Frame Technology w/ Sustainable Maple

Park/ Pool, Freestyle, Freeride, Tech Slide

The Metric Bomb is our first ever guest engineer model, which marks the beginning of our partnership with Paul Schmitt, legendary skater and skateboard builder. It is the perfect balance of what we've been making at Comet and what Paul has been perfecting over the past 25 plus years. The metric bomb mold has 1.25 cm of rocker between the trucks and a progressive 1.2 to 1.4 cm of concave with the same nose and tail featured on a perfectly balanced street deck. The shape is directional but the standing area is symmetrical making it an excellent freeride board while still being a fully functional park and street skate. To read more about our partnership with the Professor check out this blog post:

About Air Frame Technology By Comet Skateboards
Air Frame is a patented construction that was developed by skateboarding legend Paul Schmitt. Air Frame technology is based on multiple hollow torsion boxes sandwiched between solid plies of hard maple. The result is a lighter board and that stiffer and more responsive through pre tensioned, corrugated maple plies.