Caliber - The Standard (Raw/Red, Raw/Blue) 8.5

Caliber - The Standard (Raw/Red, Raw/Blue) 8.5" (set of 2)

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Skate Everything…

- Available in 8.5″ axle widths
- Expanded open-yolk bushing seat – for highly customizable bushing setups
- Ultra-high rebound 92a Blood Orange bushings – for ideal responsiveness
- Universal 8-hole baseplate – for adjustable wheelbase options
Inner-Hanger Collarbone – allows for smoother, faster grinds

The goal behind the Caliber Standard Truck design was to create a skateboard truck for skaters who skate everything. They took the foundation from our classic tombstone RKP hanger design and evolved it into a street truck that will meet the demands of the heaviest shredders.