Caliber - II 50° 10" Stone Plum (set of 2) *W/ Venom plug Bushings*

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The new Venom Plug Barrel Bushings for Caliber Trucks are designed to remove lateral play from the truck by filling the gaps between the hanger and the kingpin. This results in a quicker return to center and increased responsiveness.

- 50 degree baseplate
- 90A Venom Plug Barrel Bushing + Standard Cone Bushing
- Updated bushing seat providing a perfect no-slip-fit
- Pivot re-designed for tighter tolerances with an updated chamfer
- Circular kingpin hole with updated diameter
- Truck strength increased by 40%
- Pressed-in Grade 8 hex head kingpin
- Beefed up and reinforced baseplate
- Thinner paints used for tighter tolerances