Bustin - Shrike (E)Core 38

Bustin - Shrike (E)Core 38"

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Top mount

0.66" concave w/ rocker

Length - 38.3" 
Width - 9.4" 
Wheel Base - 22" - 24.8"
Tail Length - 3.8"- 6"

(E)Poxy maple, (E)Poxy c2 composite reinforcement layers, (E)Poxy blackops reinfored core, Triaxial Fiberglass reinfored tuckmount

Freestyle, Dancing, Freeride, Downhill

Bustin's signature downhill/freeride board is made for controlled DH/FR skating.  Foot-locking micro-drop and slight rocker are complimented by more torsional stiffness in this year's (E)Core™ layup.  Lighter and leaner, the new Shrike will impress those who use it's double kick tails for freestyle and/or dancing style skating.

Quiver Killer - Designed to be a speed-focused #skateeverything deck, the Shrike graciously enables everything from mobbing downhill runs to freestyling to the grocery store.  This non-traditional symmetrical double kick combines various board designs to generate one machine capable of almost any riding style.

Push-Friendly - If it didn't push well, we wouldn't make it.  In addition to it's speed and freestyle attributes, the Shrike features a push-friendly rockered micro-drop design and comfortable 0.66" concave.    

Stance or Dance - Originally designed as a downhill board, the Shrike has become a fan favorite for flat-ground freestylers and dancers around the world.  The new (E)Core™ edition turns the music up with a lighter, stronger, more-lively deck. 

(E)Core™ Construction
After years of testing, we've created a LIGHTER, STRONGER skateboard with our new (E)Core™ construction process.  The new process melds skate-proven Canadian Maple with our proprietary, epoxy-based glues and reinforcement materials created in the Bustin Labs™.  In addition to being noticeable lighter, the new construction offers a more lively pop and that "brand-new board feel" for 4x longer than previous all-wood versions.