Blood Orange - 73mm Alpine Series 82a

Blood Orange - 73mm Alpine Series 82a

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Formula: MPF
Durometer: 78a/80a/82a
Height: 73mm
Contact Patch: 58mm
Hub Setting: 5mm Off Set
Edges: Square
Disciplines: Downhill, Freeride

The alpine series is designed for high-speed lines and predictable drifts without sacrificing traction. with expert input from our team riders, Bloodorange developed exclusive mountain pass formula (MPF) to provide the ultimate downhill wheel for the days you just feel like going fast. They modified our proven core design to increase support throughout the wheel, which promotes high roll speeds, even wear, and a consistent feel!

The mountain pass formula is the perfect blend of smooth slides and high traction. developed by the team riders deep in the mountains of california, the mpf was crafted to perform on the fastest and most technical roads in the world. when the stakes are high, the alpine series delivers the traction necessary to navigate steep descents, all while providing a predictable and smooth drift. whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner, the alpine series affords the maximum amount of control to the rider.