Arbor - Spud 64mm 82a (Blue/White/Red)

Arbor - Spud 64mm 82a (Blue/White/Red)

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Height: 64mm
Durometers: 82a
Contact Patch: 36.5mm
Hub Setting: Center Set
Edges: Round Lip
Disciplines: Freestyle, Freeride, Cruising
Stone Ground

The Spud is our center-set freeride wheel designed to conquer any terrain. Supported by our Groovetube core, the smaller 64mm tall shape and 82a urethane make this the most versatile wheel of the series. The stone ground finish makes this multi-functional wheel ready for ditch slashing, sidewalk bombing, and full steam skids.

Allows us to produce some of the longest lasting wheels on the market; designed to provide faster speeds and longer slides, while delivering amazing grip and rebound.

The Groovetube Series contains three performance downhill wheels built around proprietary shapes and our exclusive Groovetube Core. The Groovetube Core has a wider “tube” profile that allows the wheel to hold its shape where it’s supposed to and flex where it needs to. This core design greatly improves performance across a range of conditions, improving grip, roll, and slide. Though wide and supportive, the Groovetube Core is only 35mm tall, which gives you more urethane on each wheel for longer wheel life.