Moonshine - Infuser 44

Moonshine - Infuser 44"

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Top Mount

Radial concave

Length: 44” / 111.76 cm
Width: 9” / 22.86 cm
Wheelbase: 30" / 76.2 cm

Vertically laminated wood, Urethane rails

Disciplines: Freestyle, Dancing


Infuse your freestyle and dancing game with new moves. The lightweight Infuser is a freestyle multi-purpose tool. This symmetrical top mount deck is great for cruising, carving, dancing and pushing your favorite trail. The Infuser features large urethane tip/tail for added durability, perfect subtle concave and perfect flex. 

This board is light but it can withstand a beating with its urethane bumpers along with its waterproof seal. Why have two set ups for dancing and freestyle when you can have the Infuser that is great for both!

For your comfort, this board has nice mellow radial concave. It also features, urethane truck mounts and urethane rails along the whole board.