SBDW 長途蹬板賽 4.0 Long Distance Push Race 4.0

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活動日期: 2月10日10:00 - 14:00
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為響應環保, 宣傳長板代步減碳的效用及考慮到參加者程度上的分別, 是次活動將分成兩個組別:
1) 低碳組 (8.0KM - 100% 平/極微斜)
2) 超級低碳組 (18.0KM - 長上次約1/4, 有三個落斜減速位, 新手要小心🙂)
- 活動獎品豐富,SBDW全力贊助,總值超過$5000 hkd,人多再加!!
- 注意!!我地唔派水啦,避免製造太多膠樽垃圾,希望大家都養成自己帶水出街的習慣。
- 兩個組別均設冠亞季軍,如人數足夠或會另設Pumping組、少年組、女子組或其他獎項!
- 所有組別起點終點均為同一位置,非貴重物品可存放在起點集合處
SBDW start up this event because we promote longboard commuting as a way to have a fun, healthy, eco-friendly experience in our daily lives but not only on the hills!
2 divisions in total, you can pick either one that day:
1) Low Carbon (8.0KM) - 100% of the route is flat/ gentle as flat slopes!
2) Super Low Carbon (18.0KM) - about a quarter longer than last time, w/ three slow down point
- SBDW fully supports this event for the prices which worth over $5000 hkd, we will have bonus if more skaters are joining!!
- Attention! We are not going to give water to avoid making lots of waste plastic bottles. We do hope everyone can bring your own water 🙂
- Prizes will be given for the first 3 in both division! Might add Pumping, Juniors and Woman's depending on the attendance!
- The starting and finish point are at the same location, you may put your bags at the starting point except valuables.
路線 Route:
1) 低碳組 Low Carbon (8.0KM)
科學園 -> 大埔鐵路碼頭 -> 科學園
2) 超級低碳組 Super Low Carbon (18KM)
(起點)科學園 -> 水警基地-> 經科學園 -> 大埔海濱碼頭 -> 科學園 (終點)
起點 - 科學園 Start & Finish (same point):
低碳組折返點 Low Carbon Return point
- 大埔鐵路碼頭對面公園:
(藍色單車旁邊棵樹為check point)
超級低碳組折返點一 Super Low Carbon Return point
- 水警港外區總部暨水警北分區基地:
超級低碳組折返點二 Super Low Carbon Return point
- 大埔海濱碼頭:
Check point 系統會於比賽當日公怖!
Don’t hesitate to reach us if you have any questions!


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